Offering enrichment nature programs

for children ages 3-8

If you have an interest in a nature education community for your children, Greenhouse Nature School would like to invite you to come for a family tour of the classrooms and grounds. Please contact Vanya Schroeder at

Greenhouse Nature School provides a nature program 2 or 4 days per week, with a choice or mornings or full-day care for children ages 3-8. We encourage kids to creatively explore four highly varied acres, providing high-quality garden and building tools for whatever projects they might invent and offering opportunities for important STEM learning and social skills. Vanya, Schroeder, lead teacher and director, has more than 15 years’ experience in early childhood education and has embraced nature education for the last 7. She loves the creativity and ingenuity children bring to their day and fosters more whenever she can.

Join our pilot program 
december 10, 2022
1-4 pm

E7844 County Road PF
North Freedom, WI 53951