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About Us

We resolved to start a nature/play-based program back in 2017, noticing that movement and free play in fresh air to promote focus, empathy and social skills—qualities kindergarten teachers believe are the most important skill sets for their students.


Greenhouse Nature School in Spring

It's been a long journey, but we now have a beautiful property where most of our day is spent exploring woods, vegetable gardens, meadow, and seasonal streams. We encourage individuality and choice and enable the child to be a creative problem, solver, whether working in a group or self-directed.

Chris and Vanya growing goats and dogs at a previous locale

Our routine includes breaks to balance all the activity, to help our bodies rest and to practice mindfulness. The first floor of our building contains a dedicated room for multimedia art expression and an excellent quiet room for stories, spatial play, or just to get away from it all.


Elf steps and log circles add dimension and magic.

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