About Us

We resolved to start a nature/play-based program back in 2017, noticing that movement and free play in fresh air to promote focus, empathy and social skills—qualities kindergarten teachers believe are the most important skill sets for their students.


Chris and Vanya growing goats and dogs at a previous locale

Greenhouse Nature School in Spring

It's been a long journey, but we now have a great 3500 square foot facility for a mixed-age classroom with a full kitchen, areas for art-making and dramatic play, a quiet room with a lot of books and privacy, a large living room with many musical instruments, and a fenced outdoor play space with climbing hill, sensory areas and child-sized, real tools for little hands to build things, or just mix stuff together.

Our staff provides homelike care and a teacher-student ratio of at least 1:8, and often 1:4, as when we make “field trips” into our surrounding 3.6-acre property, which features wooded areas, vegetable gardens, meadow, and seasonal creeks.

As the school grows we will add chickens and a children's garden.