COVID-19 Measures

Although it is still a challenge to be together safely and responsibly in the time of a pandemic, we are implementing county and state mandates for family child care centers. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Small group: 8 children and 2 adults form our community.

  • Temperature checks: Upon arrival, students will wash hands and have their temperature checked.

  • Outdoor learning: Outdoor spaces for learning. We are also protective of children’s need to learn as unencumbered and free as possible. To us, this means that we will set up natural spaces with distance to minimize reminding to “keep more space”; the environment and/or activities will create the space. When reminding is necessary, it will be done naturally, calmly, and patiently, so as to integrate this new way of being into our social lives with as little tension and as much adaptability as possible.

  • Hygiene: Frequent and proper hand washing at arrival and throughout the day will be built naturally into indoor times and supervised in a relaxed manner. Teachers will have hand sanitizer with them at all times when we are outdoors.

  • Disinfecting: While we will be outdoors for the majority of the time, shared toys/tools and shared space such as toilet areas will be disinfected daily.

  • Individual belongings and storage boxes: Student’s personal items will be kept separate from one another in individual storage boxes. Students will be required to have their own metal or non-BPA plastic water bottle, insulated hot drink cup with spill-proof lid, two washable fabric face masks, a small bottle of hand sanitizer, water-proof pants and jacket, indoor shoes or slippers, sturdy shoes and rubber boots. This list will likely be added to as needs arise.

  • Illness: students and teachers who experience symptoms of illness will be told not to come to class, or will be sent home if symptoms develop during class time.

GNS is mandated by the state and county to uphold COVID precautions for family child care centers,and we are committed to doing that as an organization. In other words, we 100% agree that the precautions are essential to keep everyone safe, and we hold that ethic as an organization and as a learning community.

Family responsibility and practice as regards Covid-19: We are all only as safe as our neighbors. Therefore, for this program, in this time of pandemic, we can only accept children from families who also take COVID-safe precautions. While the last thing we want to do is intrude on your family life, we also have a responsibility to keep everyone as safe as possible. To that end, we ask that all families disclose their own approach to the pandemic.

We will continue to strive to strike a balance between keeping the community safe in this pandemic, and creating an environment that is flexible as well as secure, where a child can roam in nature, as free and unencumbered as possible, within safe boundaries: physical, emotional, intellectual, and social.