Kindergarten-readiness research shows that children learn best when they have the opportunity to be hands-on with classroom materials and participate in small group activities. Nature education can add immeasurably to social skills, empathy, and  physical coordination. We incorporate these practices every day and do our best to make sure we are using research-based teaching methods.


Greenhouse Nature School adopts the growing nature education movement in a part of the world where rural preschoolers can learn in their own environment—growing vegetables, using tools to move earth, rocks, water and other local materials.


At Greenhouse Nature School, children are able to explore and learn outdoors during our March - December program. We cultivate a community that supports children’s curiosity, imagination, and social skills, while also forming deep connections to nature. We create a home where children take pride in caring for their environment and themselves. Teachers don’t use time-outs or other punishments, just consequences that naturally arise. (For example, if a child won’t put her boots on, she won’t be able to participate in the activities outside.) We use routines that accentuate kids’ natural impulses: loving to learn, focusing on tasks, being helpful.