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Vanya  was a superb caregiver, eager to make herself available to us when we needed her, especially when both my husband and I ended up having medical crises. She was always cheerful; her kindness and generosity to us during our difficult times was truly remarkable and will not be forgotten. Vanya was very patient and attuned to our daughter’s safety and invested in all aspects of her well-being: her diet, imaginative play, social development, verbal and motor skills, etc. She took her on long walks, and she spent a lot of time introducing my child to nature, music, and wildlife.  My child associated her strongly with the ducks in the Milwaukee River because they went there so frequently. She was super engaged with my child and effective at facilitating child-centered play activities.  She is very imaginative and creative herself, and this came through in all their interactions.  They really adored one another, and it was a special relationship to witness. Because we had done all of our own childcare up until that point, my husband and I were happy to see my child bond with another caregiver.

-Ann M., Milwaukee











My son has mild Asperger’s and was fearful of grassy areas and woods, fearing poison ivy. Vanya taught him to identify the dangerous plants and through her information and kind urging he learned how to be comfortable taking risks in natural environments.


-Elizabeth B., Chicago



Vanya is wonderful with children, showing initiative and genuine interest in my child. She taught my son so many wonderful things about art, animals, stories, playtime, plants, she's pretty amazing and I am thankful she was in his life. Vanya is warm, upbeat, and energetic. She gets children to do things in a warm way, she treats them like people. . .and not just children. 

-Maria X., Chicago

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